Company name: New Jeans Ltd. Bn. number 512922493

New Jeans Ltd. owner of the CARGO brand, manufacturer and importer of professional business attire for men and women and workwear for all industries, has a Dun & Bradstreet reliability seal, an ISO 9001 standard mark from URS International and is a ratified supplier for the Ministry of Defense.

The company has 40 years of experience in the production of clothing in Israel and abroad and specializes in the production of fabrics such as: work pants, jeans, drill pants, non-crease pants, shirts, knitwear (flat and round knitting) and more.

New Jeans Ltd. has a solid reputation in the largest leading marketing chains in the country and works with companies from various industries and markets – the institutional market where it works with hospitals, the Ministry of Defense, municipalities and many more  

– the technical supply industry

– the fashion industry

From establishment until today, the company imports goods from a variety of manufacturers around the world while continuing to procure goods in Israel from local and reliable production plants that undergo strict quality control.

New Jeans Ltd. places emphasis on providing a comprehensive solution for a very wide range of customers, from the product development stage (stencils and prototypes) in Israel or abroad, to after production, including marketing and product distribution.

In addition, the company provides a solution for a wide range of products and raw materials according to customer requirements, including regular shelf management (store orders by size and color) and the option to order goods exclusively (PRIVATE LABEL).

Company establishment year: 2000

Owners: Zakri Gilad and Zakri Shai

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Our address :

Logistics center – Boma Shavit 3, Lev Sorek Complex, Unit 36, Rishon Lezion

Factory store – 9 Jaffa Road, Tel Aviv, 16 Romano House, Tel Aviv

Phone: 03-5162898

Fax: 03-5166775